Bjørn Venø

the Arthemist

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Bjørn Venø

Venø is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans photography, video, performance art, writing, drawing, and music.

He is the author of the book *Arthemist Statement 2.6: Why create art that nobody asked for?*

His work has been featured at the Norten Museum of Art and the Museum Palazzo Riso. Recently, he had a solo show at the Sogn og Fjordane Kunst Museum.

The Arthemist

Watch a NEW performance art video every Thursday, where you can discover the unusual.

Travel to a unique Norwegian location where the walls of reality are thin and Bjørn Venø's imagination runs wild.

Step into to the offbeat and peculiar world of Venø. Experience the mysteries of the Arthemist and the uncanny dark Tetrahedron.

Embark on a journey to be present, to explore, and to truly see.

Join Venø towards the other side of the veil.

Performance Art - LIVE

Documentation of live performance art.

Venø began working with performance art in 2012 to fulfill his wish for a direct and immediate dialogue with the audience.

New videos are added at regular intervals.

There are also some free videos available for you to check out.

Performance Art - PROJECTS

Performance art created for the camera.

In 2005 Venø started creating art through photography and self portraiture, which explored the fool and failure.

New videos are added at regular intervals.

There are some free videos for you to check out too.

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New videos are added at regular intervals.

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